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Chemistry ease for 12th-grade students and those aspiring to enter the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) is crucial in laying a strong foundation for their future studies and career in science and engineering.

Basics of Chemistry: 12th-grade students should focus on understanding the fundamental concepts of chemistry, such as atomic structure, chemical bonding, states of matter, and the periodic table. It is essential to build a solid understanding of these concepts as they form the basis for more advanced topics.

Organic Chemistry: Students should learn the basics of organic chemistry, including nomenclature, functional groups, and reactions. Organic chemistry is an essential branch of chemistry with applications in various fields, including medicine and industry.

Remember that consistent and dedicated effort is key to success in both 12th-grade chemistry and the IIT-JEE examination. Building a strong foundation and a genuine interest in the subject can lead to a successful and rewarding career in chemistry or engineering.

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11th Class

Chemistryease provides the best faculty for all streams of 11th class, with an intense focus on strengthening the student’s confidence and preparing and speeding their pace of learning.

12th Class

Chemistryease provides wholesome classes for the 12th class, with a system that helps students score high marks in Board Exams without them compromising on their other


NEET is one of the most competitive exams in the country. This being the case, thorough knowledge of the subjects with a result-oriented approach is very important in..


Journey to any of the IITs of India is not that easy, we at Chemistryease prepare all our students to overcome any obstacle in the path. Students learn at their own pace 

Our Star Achievers Of Chemistry at Ease For

C.B.S.E. (xii)/J.E.E.(Main/Advance), N.E.E.T.


School - D.A.V.

CBSC – 98% (Class – 12th)

J.E.E.  Mains

Tejas Hinduja

Taksila Public School

CBSC – 98% (Class – 12th)

J.E.E.  Mains

Aman Agrawal

School - D.P.S.

CBSC – 98% (Class – 12th)

J.E.E.  Mains

Navya Sharma

School - GitaRatanam

CBSC – 98% (Class – 12th)

J.E.E. Main/Advanced

Manav Sharma

School - K.V.S.

CBSC – 98% (Class – 12th )


Aditya Kumar

GD Goenka Public School

CBSC – 98% (Class – 12th )

J.EE Mains 98 percentile  + B.Tech (Computer Science)

Rythm Kumar

GD Goenka Public School

CBSC – 100% (Class – 12th )

J.EE Mains 100 percentile  + J.EE Advanced and B.Tech In Computer Science from IIT Kanpur

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